Open Flexi Rolling System

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  • Open Flexi Rolling System


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    Storage System installed for parachute storage

    ALMERIO Parachute Storage System is a completely flexible and customizable solution for the storage of various types of parachutes. Mounted in a movable configuration with adjustable mountings which can be configured shelf storage or hanging. Increased storage capacity due to movable storage.

  • Open Flexi Rolling System

    Almerio Riot Gear/Stores/Valuables Rolling Management System

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    Smart Storage for Accessory/Riot Control Equipment

    Almerio Riot Gear Rolling Storage System is a smartly designed solution meant for grab-and-go situations. High-density, customizable, and tamper-proof, the system stores anything from shields, helmets, and masks, to bullet-proof jackets. It’s created to be mounted on a movable configuration while being adjustable to be configured for any item. Because it’s movable, storage capacity of protection gear and accessories can be increased.

    Brief Specifications:

    Various types of storage on offer:

    • Police Stores (Wardhi)
    • Malkhana
    • Ammunition
    • Valuables
    • Riot Gear